Your website says you're sold out!! Did I miss my chance for order?

We release our kits at 6pm sharp on a Friday and take them off sale on a Monday night or Tuesday! So if you're looking on Wednesday or Thursday then you might not see stock online. Do email us as we may be able to accommodate you even if we're off sale.


When will you have more meal kits in stock?

Our kits are available every Friday at 6pm, for delivery on Friday of the next week. If you're online at 5:50pm, they won't be there - so make sure you refresh your page at 6 and the kits will magically appear.


Are you still offering free delivery to Leyton and Leytonstone (E10/E11)?

Unfortunately not. As of April 2021 we've switched all of our deliveries to DPD who offer a carbon neutral delivery service. As the country opens up, we're aware that a) the roads are going to be way busier and b) that people will finally be leaving the house. By using DPD our customers are given a specific hour long delivery window and an option to instruct the driver to leave their package in a safe place where it can sit with ice-packs in quite happily. Unfortunately the casualty of this is our free Leyton and Leytonstone delivery - though if you want to collect from our kitchen in E10 - please do email us.

How come you don't have Crawfish? I heard they are around the UK and see you used to do them?

Oh man. This is the saddest question to have to answer. Unfortunately in 2019 DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) banned the sale of live Crawfish in the UK as they are an invasive species and were spreading around the country. Prior to this we were able to source mudbugs direct from trappers, but now we are only allowed to purchase pre-cooked crayfish which is no good for boiling, but ok for Gumbos and Etouffees. If anything changes we will no doubt make a huge song and dance about it so do keep an eye out!


Can I get Lobster / Snow Crab / Swimmer Crab / Other Seafood in my kit?

Yes! You can. Check the Add-Ins product page for current pricing. For specific additional items and live seafood then please just email us to arrange.


How long does the seafood in the kit last?

We recommend that you consume your seafood within 48hrs max of delivery, though the kit is best eaten fresh on the day of delivery.


Can I have a kit delivered on day other than Friday?

Possibly - but typically there will be extra delivery costs for this. Please email us to find out if it's possible - we treat each request on a case by case basis. 


I wont be in on the delivery day, should I still order?

Yes - as long as you'll be home at some point, our couriers (DPD) will text or email you to ask if you want them to leave it with a neighbour or in a safe place. The kits are packed with plenty of Ice Packs but they are only tested for 24hrs of chilling, so if you won't be home at all on delivery day, I would avoid ordering. 

If you have questions - email us.


Can I collect the kit from you?

We are in our Kitchen on Wednesday and Thursday and located in E10. We are happy for you to collect from us but we need 48hrs notice to make sure we can have everything ready for you. Email us.


Oops I meant to add a hot sauce / oyster kit / tee shirt to my order, can you add that on for me?

Of course. All you need to do is add the item to your cart and check out using the code ADDON, which will remove your shipping cost. Please ensure you enter the same details as on your original order so we know who's order to add it to.


Is your meal kit gluten free?

Yes, both kits are gluten free other than the included French bread that comes with the oysters, in a separate package. Each page lists allergens. Yes, our sausage is 100% gluten free and made with only whole cuts of meat and seasoning.


Is your meal kit Halal?

Our Meat Free Boil and Oyster Kits are - however our Andouille sausage is made of pork. If you're planning a big event that needs to be halal, then please email us and we'll see what we can do!


Will you cater my wedding / party / office do?

Hey, if the government lets us, then absolutely! We can come to you and provide a boil, grill some oysters, and do so much more. Just drop us a message and we can get to planning. We can also provide a DIY option if you have a big enough pot!


Can I collaborate with you and post your food on my blog in exchange for a free meal?

All requests like this are filed in our special cabinet