About Us

Southern Food in the UK gets a raw deal. It’s all big-mommas Mac ’n’ Cheese and Po’Boys on brioche buns. When returning back from living in the USA in 2013, founder Tom Browne set out to do something about it, and cook food for homesick Southerners, missing a taste of the real American South that he’d come to know and love. With a mission not to cook the same old tired staples - and to bring some of the hospitality that the South is famous for to hungry Londoners, Decatur was born - and boy has it been a ride since.

In seven years there have been sell-out pop ups, award winning dishes, stolen vans and pandemic struck restaurants. But in 2020, Decatur returned to peoples tables with acclaimed meal-kits delivered nationwide. With a renewed energy, a pocket full of Shrimp Boilin’ spices and a cold beer in hand - Decatur is here to look after Southern Food right, here in the UK.


Meet the Team



Tom Browne - Head Chef and Founder

Tom first visited New Orleans after touring with Punk bands in the late 2000's. After moving to New York for an old job, his passion for Southern Cooking and hospitality was ignited by regular trips to visit friends in and around New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Upon moving back to the UK, he quit his job to bring real Southern Food to the people of the UK.



Callum Alexander - Operations Manager

Callum's love of New Orleans first manifested in the sweaty streets of the city in 2016 - having met Tom while cooking Kent's best gumbo, he now looks after the nitty gritty of getting Shrimp into your hands. He's an Arsenal fan, but don't hold that against him.